Our Mission

At RCCG Wealthy Place International, we are on a mission to help individuals discover the path to their divine destinies. We strongly believe that God desires that we discover our calling here on earth and ultimately spend eternity with Him in heaven, many go through life making mistakes and trying to discover who God has created them to be.

Jesus Christ loves us and He desires that we live a fulfilled life.

God’s earnest desire is deeply rooted in this Bible Scripture in Matthew 4:19: And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Until we discover how to follow Jesus Christ, it would be almost impossible to fulfill destiny. In the above Scripture, Christ Jesus extends an invitation to anyone willing to discover the path to their destiny.

At RCCG Wealthy Place Int’l, we provide the needed resources to every individual willing to follow after Jesus. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we impact godly principles through apt biblical teachings. In a disciplined manner, we nurture individuals to discover their true worth, guide them to navigate life and ultimately help them attain their God given destinies.